Dear Donald Trump. I want to tell you why I (Michael Perelman) am suited to be the secretary of defense.

I’ve been watching your cabinet appointments.  You have been choosing people who have shown that they are chosen to manage, with the exception of a large number of generals.

I want to see United States stop joining wars throughout the world.  Besides, if you appoint me as secretary of defense, I can save the government billions and billions of dollars freeing money for you to give to your favorite corporations.  My work would eventually reduce the worldwide anger regarding the country’s warlike posture.  In doing so, I would defend the lives of many people who might follow the experience of the soldiers soon already gone to places like Afghanistan and Iraq.  Please call me as soon as possible.  Think about it.  My plan would lower your taxes.


4 comments so far

  1. mark hansen on

    here’s my vote backing your appointment.

  2. Sam Dreyfuss on

    I’ll vote for you

    – Sam Dreyfuss

  3. Kp on

    Lick deez nuts?

  4. thomas m scott on

    Dr. Perelman you’ve got my vote for this and for the best two classes I took in college, intro to Econ thought and Marx Econ Theory, in six years of college. Now I’m a solar contractor, a very skeptical one.

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