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The inhuman priorities of capitalism.

In this supposedly democratic country, governors in some states have the right to replace local governments with an appointed “emergency manager.”

The cruel behavior of authorities in Flint Michigan who switched the town’s water from Detroit’s water supply to the toxic water of the Flint River threatens the health of the town’s population, especially the youngest among them.  Most state officials (with the responsibility for protecting the well-being of the public — with some heroic exceptions) looked the other way.

The purpose of shifting the water supply was to save money, but that will prove to be unrealistic. The backlash from the damage to the public will ultimately cost the town far more than any projected savings.

But, to be fair, the authorities did show some compassion.  When they learned that the toxic water was harming automobile parts at a local General Motors Plant, they provided the factory better water – a choice that will cost the city $400,000 a year.  Of course, the costs will ultimately fall on the city, which will be unable to cover that cost.  No doubt the city will be expected to privatize or sell off its assets, leaving the people of Flint stripped of the rudiments of a livable environment.  Only the car parts will escape unscathed from this neoliberal fiasco.