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Michael Moore’s Leaked Citibank Plutonomy Memo

I cannot copy the memo, only read it on the web.  Its willingness to write so honestly about our neoliberal capitalism, it is interesting and worthy of comment.  Maybe someone can figure out how to copy it.

Notes from a Declining Empire: Introduction

Other than the ability to manipulate and control its people and to export destruction to the rest of the world, the US empire seems to be fading in the midst of an emerging mulipolar world.  The US is a strong exporter of weapons, agricultural products, and intellectual property — and little else.

Cutting back on education, health care and other services that government should provide is hardly a way to build a strong economy.

One of the symptoms of decline is the weakening of the attraction of US culture.  In Asia, Korean culture seems to be in ascendance.  The Wall Street Journal recently reported as a fluff piece about this phenomenon.

What is it that the US will be able to offer the rest of the world other than its culture of looting, shooting, and polluting.

Hookway, James and Wilawan Watcharasakwet. 2010. “Hungry for Drama, Chinese Viewers Send Out for Thai: The Sexy Soap Opera Actresses and Actors Are So Asian — And So Over the Top.” Wall Street Journal (3 December).

“What’s going on, TV analysts in the region suspect, is that Asia is starting to outgrow its addiction to Hollywood hand-me-downs. For years, Asian broadcasters have been relying on such U.S. imports as the “CSI” dramas and that old standby “Baywatch” to fill out their programming schedules. Now, egged on by the popularity of South Korean singers and actors in recent years, Asian broadcasters are more comfortable using their neighbors’ TV dramas or music instead of American fare. Some analysts figure the success of the Asian programs is the latest sign of Asia’s rising confidence.”

Predatory Capitalism and the Isolated Individual

I just did a YouTube rant: Predatory Capitalism and the Isolated Individual

The Second Amendment in Congress

In the wake of the Arizona shooting, Congress is discussing a number of ways to protect themselves from gun violence.  The most interesting suggestion is to enclose the will House Gallery in Plexiglas.


At the same time, lawmakers have been proposing making guns as accessible as possible, even in bars and schools.  Given this ideology, one should expect that members of would welcome this, many armed visitors as possible.  Perhaps, to help the federal budget deficit, visitors could rent guns when they attend sessions of Congress.