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A Mini-Dictionary of Neoliberalism?

Richard Parker coined the word “neglectorate” to describe the public’s alienation from the current dysfunctional political system.  Now that economists have, for the most part relegated John Maynard Keynes to the dustbin of history, the term Dickenysian seems to be appropriate for the present conditions, which are becoming increasingly similar to Charles Dickens’ portrayal of the world he lived in.  The power of the bond market in imposing its will on supposedly independent states, suggests that bondage may be appropriate for expressing the power of capital.  Finally, we could describe the current economic system as Crapitalism, which treats ordinary people as crap.

Mary Fallon and me

Mary is the governor of Oklahoma. She does not want to comply with the Supreme Court of the state, which ruled that the display of the 10 Commandments must be removed from state property.

Her position is based on her reading of the Constitution.  She explained,“You know, there are three branches of our government. You have the Supreme Court, the legislative branch and the people, the people and their ability to vote,” she explained. “So I’m hoping that we can address this issue in the legislative session and let the people of Oklahoma decide.”

Unfortunately, Mary got the three branches confused. Anybody who follows political affairs knows that the three branches are Wall Street, the corporate media, and the 1%.

Keep up good work, Mary.