The Anarchy of Globalization: Local and Global, Intended and Unintended Consequences

unsettling economics

I am going to give a keynote lecture for a conference on the local effects of globalization in Turkey

Here are a few early sentences to give a sense of my talk.


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  1. Eleanor Arnason on

    I just read part of your address at Naked Capitalism. It’s excellent. It puts clearly everything I have thought or suspected about current trade agreements. I hadn’t realized one consequence was giving control of global warming policy to corporations. Talk about frightening! Anyway, I enjoyed what I read a lot.

  2. S.Ntsimango on

    I found the talk you gave to be quite insightful and a big eye opener,there is so much that we are unaware of as the public because so much goes unsaid; about trade agreements, what they entail and the true ramifications involved. Thank you (S.Ntsimango)

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