United Airlines’ bad behavior (revised)


Two employees from United Airlines recently arrested for stealing baggage from planes that were diverted from the San Francisco airport when the plane crashed there.  It reminded me of the awful experience that I had with United Airlines. A few years ago, I had about $500 worth of electronics stolen from my luggage.  I spent many hours trying to contact the appropriate parties at United,  Leading me through an interminable series of dead ends. I would call one party, stay on hold for quite a bit of time, finally gets through to somebody, who would tell me that I needed to call somebody else with authority, who would then tell me that I needed to call somebody else. Nor could I find a name and an address to which I could  have papers served.

Finally, somebody in authority contacted me to inform me that United was not responsible for the theft. I am attaching the letter that the company sent me.


united airlines kiss off



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  1. arijitbanik on

    Reblogged this on Arijit Banik and commented:
    Don’t fly United Airlines…

  2. mark hansen on

    it would be interesting to find out if other airlines also exclude electronics from their insured baggage.

    also what other items in baggage are not insured just by buying a ticket and giving your property over to the airline for safekeeping.

    also it would be good to know if there is special insurance one could buy to cover the loss of electronics that have been given over to any airline for safekeeping.

    if theft by baggage handlers is so prevalent, it would seem likely that such insurance, if available, would be expensive.

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