Beijing Paper: Constant Capital, Accumulation, Sustainability, and Economic Theory

I would appreciate any comments about a paper I will present in Beijing.  I hope that the title describes the content.



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  1. ali kadri on

    Thanks for a very interesting paper… When you say : “Yet, constant capital is an important element of the accumulation of capital in general — perhaps, the most important element.” is the qualification most important necessary. In an integrated production process, importance becomes a value judgment or an actuarial assessment.
    What is important from the view of the working class is the process of regimentation and dislocation to which they are subjected.
    As to quantity of value, yes wealth increases with better technology, but what factor do we attribute the value cration, to dead labour or living labour when they are labour in different shapes.

  2. Magpie on

    Prof. Perelman.

    I did some proof-reading on your interesting paper.

    Is there any way I can send the proof-read version to you?

  3. Jurriaan Bendien on

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