Is Obama falling into a trap that he set for himself

The Sarin WMD red line rhetoric together with the news that Iran is supposed to be sending troops to Syria might open the door to the long-desired war with those evil-doers.

I fear that he will not back off his warlike rhetoric as easily as his vague progressive promises when he ran for office.

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  1. louisproyect on

    Don’t worry, Michael. There will be no war, except of course the ongoing Baathist slaughter of those unfortunate enough to oppose the tyranny.

  2. mark hansen on

    before the end of tihs administration we will be involved in a big war.
    our entry will either precede or follow a military draft.
    no, i don’t have any inside info. this is just my worst case scenario.
    in the last centary, drafts were called by three “peace loving” democrats.

  3. political economist on

    The US essentially vetoed the promising plan of last year because at the last minute the administration demanded that Assad be removed first. Obviously this was going to be and was rejected by Assad. At the time it seemed that the US and its friend would be able to get the upper hand. Now it is only too clear that the result will be a disaster no matter what.

    • Juan de la O on

      ‘Alongside ‘the rebels’, we also find al-Nusra, the I.S.I.S. and al Q’uida – essentially mercenaries receiving funds from Saudi Arabia [Prince Bandar] and a few other sources. Recall,, some members of the latter groups have been engaged in the N. Caucasus so potentially bringing
      Russia [v KSA] into ‘the mix’.

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