Fiscal Crock

I think I know what the grand bargain will be.  Obama will be a hero to the left by marginally increasing taxes on the people who earn more than $250,000.  Then you will cave on Social Security and Medicare while bragging about his dedication to progressive causes.  Also, in the name of reforming taxes, he will close the loophole on tax breaks that the middle class relies on by, for instance current collecting taxes on medical insurance provided by employers.


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  1. mark hansen on

    personally, i hope they reach no agreement before the next congress.
    that way the house can reinstate the bush tax cuts minus the flat rate for over 250K and not break their no new taxes pledge.

  2. mulderc on

    I very much doubt taxation of employer provided medical insurance is on the table. I have not heard anyone talking about that seriously. Although if it was done in the context of approving the Wyden-Bennett health plan then we might have an interesting policy idea.

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