Hurricane Isaac

Is God punishing the Republicans for their Greed and Intolerance?



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  7. Green on

    According to Biblical traditions, on occasion, God [Hebrew, now also Catholic and Orthodox] sent certain punishments via Mother Nature, to different peoples, for severe transgressions of His rules, laws or commandments. One example was ‘The Flood’, caused by certain violations of His rules. Another was the cataclysm described in the Old Testament, which basically wiped out Sodom and Gomorrah, caused by other violations of His rules. There are some others. Then there are some that [my understanding is] are not included in the canon of the Old or New Testament, due to differences of viewpoints among the Church Fathers and bishops who selected the books that were included in the Bible. But the non canonical holy scriptures [texts] continue surfacing from time to time.

    It may be that Hurricane Isaac was a direct warning from God. Sadly, what was once upon a time a party dedicated to anti-slavery has become an organization that, over time, seeks to disenfranchise Americans, citizens as well as nationals. ‘Disenfranchise’, politically and economically.

    I would not take lightly that a hurricane brushed a city that was selected as the host of the RNC event, recently ended. My feeling is, it is an ominous sign, most likely, from God Himself.

    Sadly, I suppose Republicans will disagree and make fun of me.

    From another perspective, perhaps more childlike, I remember when I read a story for children, titled something like ‘Bartholomew and the Oobleck’. It was included in a reader for elementary school. In it, the king of a kingdom wanted to rule over nature, the sea, and weather in general. He probably believed that the fact he had power of life and death over his own subjects was insufficient. So he tried to rule the weather. In the end, mother nature rained a gooey sticky substance, that a magician called oobleck. After that king repented and ceased trying to rule over nature, the oobleck sort of melted away …

    I’m afraid those who try to ignore nature and ignore changing weather patterns, and refuse to work with nature, rather than act against her [here read man-made pollution and global warming] are acting against the planet itself, and in the long run, against humans.

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