Brief travel note

It is probably fitting that I am in Greece now, given that Procrustes was central figure in my Invisible Handcuffs.  He is presently had at work, removing the extremities, if not the organs of the Greek economy.  I was fortunate in getting to meet two of the three economists I wanted to meet in Greece.  Yanis Varifoukas was unable to connect with me although we had some very good exchanges over the web.  John Milios and Nicholas Theocarakis were very generous with their time, perhaps too generous, since I am not used to staying up nearly as late as they do.


I am leaving for the airport soon, so I will not supply the details.  Instead, I can only say that the corruption and disfunctionality of the government goes well beyond anything I could imagine.

Istanbul was my initial destination.   The Chamber of Engineers, a shockingly radical organization, hosted a conference on Veblen.  With the exception of Michael Hudson, I only knew Sabri Oncu and his brother Ahmed beforehand.  However, many of the others also taught me a lot.

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  1. redarnie on

    Safe travels back home. We look forward to hearing more about what you learned from your trip.

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