Public Safety at Zucotti Park


I had not realized that we were staying only two blocks away from the Zucatti Park, the scene of the violence last night.  It was all blocked off with very few people anywhere near the park.  Instead, the whole block was ringed by police cars, perhaps fearing that a lone protester might dare to climb over the metal railings placed to make the park inaccessible.


We walked down to Wall Street.  Again, an enormous number of police guarding the heart of capitalism.


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  1. Binh on

    Those cars have been parked there since late September 2011.

    • mperelman on

      Thanks for straightening me out. Our police state in California is less advanced than yours. I had not realized how extreme things are here in NY.

  2. mark hansen on

    having recently returned from portland, or i can assure you that the police state is alive and well there as well.
    in need of a toilet i tried “gentlemen’s park” the more northerly of the two park blocks used in the “occupy portland” movement.
    both blocks were fenced off so that moss could grow in the areas between the sidewalks(perhaps the parks dept can’t afford lime).
    the men’s room was fenced off as well.
    i had to go through “airport type” security to get to the “public” toilet in the county “justice” center, including shoe removal and wanding.
    the “occupy” movement is also still going strong in PDX, i went to their HQ and met some people and was able to attend a showing of a documentary about how after the collapse of the ussr the cubans were forced to find better ways to feed themselves and the methods they were using to accomplish this.
    it turns out small scale organic farming saved the day.

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