United Airlines customer care

I finally got a response regarding my stolen electronics. Isn’t this sweet.

Dear Dr. Perelman,

Please accept my apology for the delay in the processing of your claim
for missing items from your baggage.

As with any business, we consider customer preferences and monitor
customer feedback closely. Your comments will be shared with our
baggage management team and will help us evaluate our decisions that
impact your choice of airlines.

Our records show that you were given a $150 travel certificate November
14, 2011 as a gesture of goodwill for your baggage issue June 2011.

For future reference please be advised of our baggage liability:
For travel wholly between points in the U.S., United will not be liable
for loss of money, jewelry, cameras, negotiable papers/securities,
electronic/video/photographic equipment, heirlooms, antiques, artifacts,
works of art, silverware, irreplaceable
books/publications/manuscripts/business documents, precious metals and
other similar valuable and commercial effects. United prohibits the
foregoing items being placed in checked baggage for travel wholly
between points in the U.S. as well as for international transportation.

As a Premier, you are one of our most valued customers. Thank you for
your loyalty.


Sheron Venzon
United Airlines Customer Care


7 comments so far

  1. mark hansen on

    obviously you were in error to think that united airlines can be held responsible for anything.
    their only real responsibility is to their share holders.
    that you happen to be a customer is nice, but it doesn’t mean they have to do well by you.
    you are of course welcome to take you business elsewhere, but the other airlines probably have the same policy of “looking out for number one and you aren’t even number two.”(frank zappa in reference to congress)

  2. Green on

    Now we know that the value of valuable electronics and other valuables, in the eyes of United, amounts to the sum of USD 150. But this applies only to their very best customers.
    Rest assured, I will not fly United.
    If someone asks me, I would recommend the Harvard Business School and the London School of Business to inspect the entire outfit [United Airlines, that is], and I would recommend the FAA and the FBI to go over them with a powerful microscope. Probably they are in violation of a number of rules.
    I would also suggest IATA to inspect/audit them.
    Besides, I will steer all my business, and the air freight business I can influence, to use other carriers.

  3. purple on

    This demonstrates how the customer is king in capitalism. Right ?

  4. mark hansen on

    of course the 150 USD voucher doesn’t cost the company anywhere near that.
    they don’t lay on a special plane for one to use the voucher.
    they just fill one more seat of a flight that would be going anyway.
    most likely the voucher recipient would have to pay more to complete the trip with use of the voucher anyway.
    are there many $150 round trips out there?

  5. Teresa Dahlquist on

    I was shocked when I called for reservations 6 weeks in advance to travel from LAX to Hawaii and was told there was no room in first class and it would cost me 80,000 miles to go in economy. I had no choice. My experience was horrible. The seats were way to close and when I asked for a upgrade they did not accommodate. When I signed up for the mileage I was told one dollar for one mile. I traveled years ago and it cost me 35,000 miles first class. I again called for reservations, off season from LAX to Lehui, 8 months in advance and was told that it would cost me 80,000 miles again for economy. I’m very disappointed. Also I do believe that I should have many more miles. Is there a cut off time if I don’t use miles. Very very unhappy and seriously thinking about changing cards. Please help, Teresa

  6. Eileen on

    I took my husband to the emergency the other evening to find out that he will be needing surgery possible two surgeries. My question is we where traveling in a week and I would like to cancel the flight please can someone help me… Thank you! Eileen

  7. Shana Wyatt on

    I would like to express to United how much the baggage fees feel like gouging. It only seems appropriate that the initial bag checked should be included in the airfare. Many years ago, this was the case. Understandably, the cost of living, fuel, etc has increased, thus it is only logical for the cost of airfare to increase, however, for most working families the increase in salaries, has not increased, thus once again placing more financial burden on the American working families. Please reconsider changing this policy and start checked bag fees at the second bag and include the initial checked bag in the airfare.
    Sincere thanks,
    Shana Wyatt

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