corporate personhood

When a corporate changes its home to Bermuda or the Cayman Islands, does it become a non-person?

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  1. Jordan on

    Not at all, the corporate simply becomes a tax evading mailbox.

  2. Green on

    About the person – nonperson topic. This may be irrelevant. In Spanish speaking countries, the law sets forth 2 types of person: natural person and moral person. Other terms are also used, such as persona fisica and persona juridica. The natural person is the individual made of bone and flesh. The moral person is a legal concept, to include all manner of organizations. But usually, only those organizations whose lawyers have registered them in a specific government register, are granted the legal category or status of ‘moral person’.

    This said, natural persons may have citizens’ rights, following a number of rules. Moral persons do not have citizens’ rights, but they do have many political rights. This applies to legal systems in the Spanish speaking world.

    In the cases of US domiciled organizations, whose directors decide to register them, or re-incorporate them, in fiscal paradises… it seems the issue has not been raised in the US court system, or in the court system of any US state. It probably will be the case, that the directors, or the legal representatives, will seek to represent a ‘person’ who was domiciled in the US, but that is no longer domiciled in the US.

    Re-registering a business enterprise in a fiscal paradise, may be a commercial decision. Nothing wrong there. But, a thorny phenomenon appears, when it attempts to claim political influence, unregulated, when it relocates.

    This detail may allow them [the 1%] to continue exercising the right to transfer funds to lobbyists in the DC area, and elsewhere, to continue introducing bills, with the idea of reducing their tax liabilities, and claiming additional bailouts, without regard for the unending debt caused to individuals who are registered voters. These days we are known as ‘the 99%’.

    As far as I understand, American business enterprises that claim ‘personhood’ have not yet claimed the right to vote. But, I would not be surprised some ideologues are looking at that very point, and seek a way to change voting rights of individual Americans.

    It is something like opening a door for neo fascism to settle in the US. Richard Celente says it well “state controlled capitalism is called fascism”: a state with several categories or levels of citizens.

  3. mark hansen on

    perhaps we need to have a law that requires those who lobby for businesses with foreign addresses to register as lobbists for foreign businesses.
    as those who work for foreign governemtns are required to do.

    what might be the status of a u.s. based corporation with a controlling interest held by foreign nationals?

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