Plea for artistic assistance

I need to come up with a cover for the paperback edition of The Confiscation of American Prosperity. The best image I can imagine would be a 1930s-style cartoon showing bosses and politicians screwing workers. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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  1. political economist on

    Perhaps a Moneybags Banker lassoing the future and putting in his satchel.

  2. Mike on

    The recent picture of all the living Presidents standing together in the Oval Office?

  3. Red Arnie on


    Your cover idea brings to mind my description of the difference between Republicans and Democrats:

    The Republicans say: “I’m screwing you and it’s your own goddamn fault.”

    The Democrats say: “I’m so sorry and guilty that I’m screwing you.”

    Red Arnie

  4. AlanDownunder on

    A one-percenter hoovering up dollars from a carpet of 99 percenters?

  5. John Crawford on

    Put a shark with a top hat on there, maybe carrying sacks of paper money.

  6. Hollenberg on

    Michael, you might consider a graphic that recalls the 1930s — Art Deco style of, say, an image of the Monopoly (game) banker wheel-barrowing his money to the bank over the crushed bodies of the multitudes.

    (Of course, it seems so obvious to me now that it already might have been done.)

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