How can the right wing blame unemployment on educational (skill) deficiencies and then shortchange the entire educational system?

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  1. Rich on

    William Graham Sumner, that’s how! “A drunk in the gutter is right where he ought to be”

  2. Javier Hernandez-Miyares on

    cos they profit from it.

  3. mark hansen on

    logical consistance is not a requirement for right wing ideology.
    Doug LaMalfa is opposed to taxes, except of course for those taxes which subsidize rice farmers.

  4. Green on

    Their position in general, is the entire economy should be private, for reasons they believe are true and correct. If every organization is private, every organization has to seek profit. The exception are the non profits. But as they seek funding, if there is no government budget to speak of, then non-profits need to apply from the ‘corporate world’. In the case of education, if there is no government funded education, all schools are private. This means, for the US, all students become a source of profit for the ‘education system’ [private education system, that is]. The financial system already is operating this way, regarding the student loans upon which most American students depend, to pay for college and graduate education. I have a question about this. If a government issues a line of credit to a bank so the bank may turn around and loan that same money to the college students, is it bank money or government money? It seems government money. If so, why do banks charge interest rates? A long time ago, I learned that, at least in classical thought, if one organization issues a line of credit to a bank, to administer it, the bank is supposed to charge ‘fees’, not interest. Banks may charge interest for money it loans, if it is its own. If the Congress allows that, then why? Maybe a bankers’ association lobbied some congressmen many years ago, to alter/modify the laws/rules?

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