An Academic Lament

A gung ho, new fire marshal has demanded that I reduce the paper load in my office. So far, I have packed 14 boxes of papers and journals, with many to go. Than I have to figure out a way to store them while I sort through them to see what I must save.

The administration is planning to shuffle departments around. One plan has us located in the same school with such unrelated subject as cement technology. The school of business is a more likely location, but they would be likely to eliminate all the interesting classes that I like to teach.


3 comments so far

  1. Arn Kawano on

    Be careful, Michael. Sounds like they’re going to fit you with cement shoes!

  2. mark hansen on

    if there is a sprinkler system in your office the amount of paper shouldn’t be a problem, except perhaps for weight.

    of course, i am no more a fire marshal than i am an economist.

    how about a class on the economics of concrete technology?

  3. Rich on

    Chico is going downhill so fast! I am glad I was able to be part of at least a speck of the good ol’ days. Disgusting news!

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