Sex, Lies, and Economics: please help

I have just finished my introduction to the book, which is shaping up.  I would very much appreciate any comments.



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  1. John Crawford on

    It may be helpful to mention Aristotle as probably the first person to write about economics in his “Politics”. In his famous chapter on economics (early in the book, Book I, Part 8) he describes the most organic or natural form of accumulating wealth as war, “And so, in one point of view, the art of war is a natural art of acquisition, for the art of acquisition includes hunting, an art which we ought to practice against wild beasts, and against men who, though intended by nature to be governed, will not submit; for war of such a kind is naturally just.”

    He also mentions monopoly (making a monopoly of provisions) as method of generating wealth. He also mentions exchange, such as shoe for money. He then concludes if I remember correctly with the most unnatural form of generating wealth as “interest” or usury.

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