Obama, Social Security, My Totalled Car

I young student side-swiped our car a few days ago totaling it.  We need a new one.  I can do everything on a bike, but Blanche cannot.

I had read that Hyundai was making good low cost cars.  We went to see them yesterday.  I was appalled how much of the car was made of cheap plastic that was very vulnerable and sure not to last.  It seemed like a disposable vehicle.

The article about the quality of the GM cheap car struck home.


The car made me think about the CPI.  I am sure that such quality deterioration will not show up in the cost of living, speeding up Obama’s plan for undermining Social Security via the Consumer Price Index.


3 comments so far

  1. Sheldon on

    What do you mean? plastic will last forever, just maybe not in the form of the desired car! 🙂

    I am enjoying Invisible Handcuffs by the way, and have recommended it to several people, and will loan it out soon.

  2. mark hansen on

    check out the KIA, also Korean, while i ride a bike year round a friend has purchased one and likes it.

  3. Maqsood on

    Its quality could be proved by the passage of time and in later models. May be its an assumption.

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