Third Invisible Handcuffs Interview

My latest interview with Nancy Wiegman at KCHO in Chico can be downloaded at


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  1. John Crawford on

    One of the most obvious but rhetorically shielded areas of business that are protected from market forces are the corner office, glass window with awards, padded seat salesman or sales manager. These individuals are always praised as self made going all the way back to the EK Strong era of psychological research on salesmanship during the 20’s (not that Strong had asserted self made superstars are reality, just providing a time-base).

    In point in fact, at coffee breaks, business parties and the like the rhetoric always is concluded by those who are beneficiaries of his/her revenues.

    What happens in reality is a controller, or whoever is providing the financing blocks out intra-brand competition. The logic is clear, to prevent competition, however ethically you will see a distorted vision of market access. Now of course this is not a general rule, many business have salespeople compete against each other, but I would argue that many managers/owners will be confronted with a position in their firm that requires discretion (freedom of will) and will indeed anchor a individual in that sphere and then proceed to shield that person even if that individual is incontinent.

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