The Tragedy and Irony of Right-wing Activism in California

Here in Chico, the tea party ran an expensive campaign to shift local elections to June, when students would be gone.  The special election was expensive, although great lip service was spent on reducing the local budget deficit.  The tea party lost badly and is responding aggressively.


In California, the right wing got a redistricting proposition passed, giving responsibility to its citizens commission.  According to their initial proposal, it looks like the Democrats would pick up four congressional seats.


Of course, in the legislature, the Republicans are blackmailing Democrats, who fall just short of the super majority required to pass a budget, with demands to create spending limits and to trash pensions.


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  1. William Lee on

    While acknowledging the importance of party-politics in the matter of determining the character of the people who wield power, it is also vital to recognize that systemic atropos places severe limits on what choices these same people may make. Many say that the “democratic” system is designed to co-opt and divide, dilute the will of, the people. Why? To protect the wealth from the poor and to enable the looting of the public and the commons.

  2. Barrack on

    I think that the democratic party should have the way and spend public money without limits and restrictions. To balance the books, all the money will be collected from the rich and also spend. Nobody will have anything and everybody will be dirt poor. Then nobody will envy anybody and we will reach the bliss of the PARADISE. Praise the LORD!

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