Republican Revolution

How is it that a minority party can impose its will on the country, while the Democrats were relatively slow to move, even in the midst of the Great Depression?  How is it that the Republicans can take the anger that welled up against capital and turn it against labor?

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  1. Sheldon on

    Good questions, I feel like we are living in a bizarro world of mass delusions.

  2. mark hansen on

    Since capital controls the mass media, it is easy to control the thinking of the vast majority of people.
    if i remember correctly, it was Mark Twain who said:”We have one party; the party of property. It has two wings.”
    the current inhabitant of the White house is somewhat to the right of a rockefeller republican.

  3. William Lee on

    The implied assumptions behind the posited questions, while approximately congruent with the prevailing mythos, are not consistent with reality. While party-politics can have effects, both for good and otherwise, the overarching policies of both parties and government are obscured by what’s essentially a diversion. The reality is that policy and action are determined by capital and plutocracy. Obviously this control of policy pervades the parties and the media. This signal overarching fact was made explicit by FDR back in 1933, when he said “The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the larger centers has owned government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson.” Read Aristotle’s Rhetoric… It’s the old, old, game…and you’re the mark… However their lordships might wish to recall the dictum of Wm Burroughs, beware the one mark you cannot beat – the mark inside.

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