Lenovo, It Gets Worse

Apparently a mistake on the shipping label caused the computer to take a detour to England.  The package looks like it might clear customs on Monday, but somehow in the interim, the laws of gravity may have changed.  The package, which originally weighed about 6 pounds looks like it may be down to about a pound now.  One might also almost think that the computer may have left its box somewhere in England.

If that is the case, Lenovo tells me that it will take a couple weeks to order a new computer from China.

What makes this process most frustrating is a standard feature of modern capitalism, perhaps inspired by Franz Kafka.  Lenovo seems the contracted out much of the repair work to IBM, who seems to have contracted out different aspects of the process to other companies.  It takes me on the average four telephone calls to different people until I reached somebody who can expedite my case to the next level.  At this point, I have to make the next four phone calls until I reached somebody who understands how to move it up another level.

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  1. Tom Hickey on

    Welcome to “the New World Order.” 😦

    Who could have known?

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