A Laugher for Tax Day

Arthur Laffer is always good for a laugh.  Sensitive to the heavy burden borne by readers of the Wall Street Journal, he bemoans the fact that the rich must employ so many people to find or develop tax loopholes.  His remedy is to allow the rich to avoid taxes on capital income altogether with the flat tax.

Laffer, Arthur. 2011. “The 30-Cent Tax Premium: Tax compliance employs more workers than Wal-Mart, UPS, McDonald’s, IBM and Citigroup combined.” Wall Street Journal (18 April).


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  1. mark hansen on

    i always enjoy the quote attributed to Sen. Bob Packwwod R OR. then chair of the senate finance committee.
    that appeared in Willamette Week while the ’86 tax reform act was being worked up.
    “I don’t know what’s in that bill, people put slips of paper in my pockets and i give them to my staff and they put them in the bill.”
    a friend, more cynical than i, said he could imagine how that went: “here’s one with $5000 attched. that goes to the staff. here’s one with nothing attached. that goes to the trash barrel.”

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