“A Letter from John Ketch, Esq. Asserting His Right to the Necks of the Over-Grown Brokers.” (1721)

John Ketch was the famous hangman, long-dead at the time, but John Trenchard and Thomas Gordon, the authors of the Cato’s Letters published this call for the punishment of the banksters who perpetrated the disastrous South Sea Bubble.  Sadly, the bankers went unpunished, beginning a long tradition.

Justice is not dead in the United States.  Barry Bonds is convicted of his high crime.  Our country is protected from Bradley Manning.  And besides, Martha Stewart served time.  The real culprits go free.  Instead, the people will pay the price, while financial profits soar.

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  1. mark hansen on

    perhaps a way to do it would be decimation.

    then invite the rest to get back to banking with the understanding that they might not survive the next round.

  2. Philip on

    Concerning the company behind the South Sea bubble, one of the directors was shot dead by an angry investor, and one of the parliamentarians declared that the rest of the directors should be sewn up in sacks alive along with snakes and then drowned.

    This could be a useful punishment for today’s bankers and financial wizards.

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