Michael Moore’s Leaked Citibank Plutonomy Memo

I cannot copy the memo, only read it on the web.  Its willingness to write so honestly about our neoliberal capitalism, it is interesting and worthy of comment.  Maybe someone can figure out how to copy it.



5 comments so far

  1. Tom Hickey on

    There is a download button there. I downloaded it as a PDF.

  2. Jack Reich on

    It’s a 64-page copyrighted document, so you wouldn’t want to copy and re-post it, eh? But there IS – as Tom Hickey says – a button to download the PDF file, right at the top line of the document.

  3. Reaper on

    SImply download the document, save it or copy it as it is about 62 pags long—-you can also print and scan——

  4. Stephan on

    You can find links to download both Plutonomy reports here.

  5. […] that there also exists an additional third, shorter Citigroup memo, dated September 29, 2006, which is being mentioned here. The summary on the first page of this memo, which another report for their super-wealthy […]

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