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Economics, Ethics, and the Good Life

I just gave this lecture regarding the decoding of economics.  The subject matter was different from any other I have given.


I describe how the subject mutated with the changing needs of the ruling classes.  The audience included the public at large, students of economics, philosophy, and other subject.  The first couple sentences were directed at the way that I was introduced.

Photo of Me in My Native Habitat

Finance Capital vs. a Productive Economy

To celebrate the closure of TARP, I just posted a video on finance capital versus a productive economy. Any comments will be appreciated. I apologize that did not feel very spontaneous in my presentation.

The Wonders of Private Equity

No comment needed

Creswell, Julie and Peter Lattman. 2010. “Private Equity Thrives Again, but Dark Shadows Loom.” New York Times (29 September) Dealbook Special Section: p. 1.

“This summer, executives from the New York-based private equity firm SK Capital traveled to Houston to celebrate the first anniversary of their acquisition of a nylon manufacturing business. Soon they will have a bigger reason to uncork the Champagne. The nylon manufacturer has announced plans to issue about $1 billion in debt, of which $922 million will be used to pay a dividend to SK. For SK, which paid $50 million in cash for the business, that is an astonishing almost 18-fold return in a little more than a year.”