More Slimy Obama Moves

Politico reports that the Obama folk blame the Greens for the failure of its energy bill because it was THEIR responsibility to lobby the Republicans.  So, here is the story:  misinformed Greens voted for Obama for change, but the change was that it was the responsibility of the Greens to create the change.

Of course, the White House needs a strong grassroots movement to fight powerful interests, but it also has the responsibility to lead that movement rather than make deals with those whom the grass roots people oppose.

Remember Obama bragging that he took on the left in his fight for health reform?  Anyone taking bets about Elizabeth Warren?

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  1. mark hansen on

    this is great, now the environmentalists are getting flack from both republicans and democrats.
    as a member of the green party i dislike the fact that most democrats are claiming to be “green”.
    from all i have seen they are no better than republicans when it comes to environmental issues, except they talk a good talk. they definitely don’t walk that talk.
    with the passage of the “open primaries” measure into the state constitution, i imagine that i will be voting a blank ballot on the vast majority of partisan offices in general elections in the not too distant future.

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