My Family’s Fight Against Terrorism

My second cousin, Michael Perelman, whom I have never met, but who sounds like a nice person over the phone, has an antiterrorism business.  I checked today’s Washington Post site to see if there was a record of his work.

However, today’s Philadelphia Inquirer does describe the other Michael Perelman’s work without taking it seriously.

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  1. mark hansen on

    anytime that there is survailence, there are plenty of instances of non-threatening people being tracked.
    as per usual those who say they are protecting us from evil,
    start out by infiltrating groups of which they don’t approve and sometimes work their way up to being agents provocateurs.
    of course you just writing your blog and those who respond to it, might be being tracked now.
    there is so much money going to “anti-terrorism” that those who have it find it difficult to spend it all on relevent information.
    though of course, they always say they need “more”.

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