Michael Perelman, International Economist Manqué

I see that PBS is going to broadcast a review of the world of George Shultz. I fear that they will leave out the time that Schulz was interested in promoting my career. While Secretary of State under Ronald Reagan, Schultz’s son, Alex, took a class from me. At first I knew him only as a very good and personable student. Later, I discovered his family ties.

Knowing that the sins of the father should not fall on the son, I always had fun feelings for Alex. One day after returning from vacation, Alex told me that he had a number of arguments with his father based on ideas he picked up in my class.  He told me that at one point his father responded, “that man should not be teaching in this country.”  Knowing Shultz’s position as Secretary of State, I awaited a call. Was I going to be made ambassador to France?  Or perhaps advising the world a rational method of organizing society.

After a few seconds, I began to realize that no such offer was on the horizon. I would more good remaining in Chico with the opportunity to other enlighten children of the power elite.

I never heard from Alex after he left Chico. I wish them the best and hope that did not get entangled in the dark networks of Hoover, Bechtel, or the other nefarious organizations with which his father associated.

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  1. mark hansen on

    yes, with any luck he still remembers your class and is using some of the things you tried to teach him.
    perhaps you could use the elder Schultz’s quote on a future book jacket.

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