Happy Fifth of July

I’ve never been a big fan of patriotic fluff, but the celebration of the Fourth of July, other than an excuse to have a picnic, seems rather ironic.  I suspect that the tax inequities and the impossibility of getting real representation is probably messed up today as badly as it was during the time of King George, especially with Citizens United and the powerful calls for austerity for the least fortunate.  Calls for revolution, while celebrated in the past, are not particularly welcome in the present.

The holiday also seems to spillover into a celebration of the Constitution, a document which was created under false pretenses.  The Constitutional Convention was not presented as a constitutional convention, or rather a meeting to work out some kinks in the Articles of Confederation.  Once convened, the organizers changed the purpose, literally closed the windows and pulled down the shades in order to prevent anyone from following the proceedings.

Then, after a series of compromises, the Founding Fathers enshrined the institution of slavery, then rewarded slaveowners by giving their votes extra weight by counting the nonvoting slaves as part of the population.

Politics was ugly then and remains ugly now.  When peace breaks out and the fruits of the economy are distributed more equitably, I’ll be ready to celebrate.


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  1. T Briggs on

    To repeat a sign I saw recently. “America, love it or get out.”

    Yes, there were mistakes made at the founding of this country, but we have corrected many of them. Slavery no longer exists and all votes count equally (even illegal immigrants and dead people).

    Politics may be ugly now, but I contend that it is currently due to the liberal agenda of class warfare and income redistribution.

    Our system is ugly and imperfect, however it beats everything else out there.

  2. mperelman on

    Actually, prisoners, who are often precluded from voting, are counted, like the slaves before them, as part of the population for wherever they are housed. Redistribution is a major factor today, but wealth and income are redistributed to the rich.

  3. Jeremy Lammerding on

    Slaves and prisoners? that is a little apples and oranges considering many prisoners forfeit their rights and liberty when they show they are incapable of using them responsibly or infringe egregiously on the rights of others.

    Slaves in America, for the most part, were captured and forced into indentured servitude through no wrong doing on their part.

    • mperelman on

      The point is that the votes of the people where the prisons are get more heavily weighted votes. All slavery is illegitimate; much incarceration is also. Today, a man will be sentenced for unfurling a banner about global warming.

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