A Positive Business Experience

I’m always shocked when a business goes out of its way for a customer.  I rarely have good experiences with business.  Almost always, it seems a them versus us situation. 

A couple times each decade something different happens. I use noise canceling headphones at the gym and on airplanes to let me get some work done.  I bought a nice pair from Ableplanet, except that the cable to connect to my MP3 player was not removable, preventing a simple replacement. When I saw this, I contacted the company and told them that I foresaw a problem because such cables do not have a particularly long lifetime.  A couple months later, I reported that my expectation turned out to be correct.  The company quickly both replaced and upgraded the headphones, much to my surprise.


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  1. Carmen on

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  2. Jeremy Lammerding on

    That’s awesome! i love it when that stuff works out.

    More companies should stand by their products like that. Get more repeat customers.

    I recently had a similar experience last month with a pair of Cole Haan shoes. The sole and heel broke down after a month and a half so i took them back to the store with no proof of purchase. With no resistance, they took the shoes and shipped them off to be cobbled, free of charge. I was in-and-out in 5 minutes. It was great because i went in there expecting a huge fight, but it was one of my most pleasant customer service experiences.

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