Sex, Lies, and Economics: The Amazing Story of Economics and Economists Before Adam Smith

I am getting ready to send out my proposal for my new book.  If anyone has any comments on this, I would be most appreciative.


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  1. John K. Taber on

    I think you are letting Newton off the hook too easily. I forget the biography’s title, but in effect, he pandered his ward’s charms to social superiors to advance his own career.

    As head of the Mint, he was death on forgers and “clippers.” Had them hanged.

    He was a numerologist, with goofy ideas on Biblical numbers.

    And his private beliefs were heresy, which was probably ok. He was a unitarian and blasted the notion of the Trinity.

    • mperelman on

      Actually, I deal with most of what you mentioned.

  2. […] Sex, Lies, and Economics: The Amazing Story of Economics and Economists Before Adam Smith « unsettl… […]

  3. Jeffrey S. Jenkins on

    An afterward on economists of today and their extra-economic behavior would be interesting but not sure how feasible this may be due to political/professional reasons? Looking forward to it.

  4. Hannah P. on

    Doing some research for my thesis project (finally getting a graduate degree nearly 20 years after earning my B.S.) and I came across your blog. A quick read of the proposal for your latest book and I am reminded of why I decided to add a minor in economics to my business degree at CSUC all those years ago. You’re a fantastic teacher and you make economics SO interesting! Thank you!

  5. mperelman on

    Hannah, thank you very much!

  6. Colbert on

    Interesting subject this book!! It will be worthwhile to write that Von Hayek, the guru of neoliberalism praise ‘The fable of the bee’ in a lecture at the British academy of march 23, 1966 on Mandeville as one of the great writing of philosophy!!
    If you talk about Adam Smith, would be good to show his connection with the infamous British East India Company; many subsequent writer of the british ‘liberal’ school pass by it (Malthus, Ricardo, JS Mill, very well place in the company during the butchery against the rebellion in India in 1857, James Mill, etc.). They never talk about that in our class room on economy, they present it as ‘thinker’ for the good of mankind… And they are in fact ‘thinker’ for the empire. Besides, if these writers were promoting ‘Free trade’, they didn’t mind making big protectionist against India manufacture; they destroyed it, to reduce them to raw producers, like opium…
    There was other economic, admittedly not the heir of the liberal school, like French Minister Colbert (hate by A Smith, not because it was bad economic, but because it work to make France more prosperous, thus competing with England). Hamilton (Treaty on Manufacture, an attack against A. Smith book, who want to keep USA as an agricultural nation) knew him well! I think of Leibniz, with his beautiful text Economy and Society, or the caramelist school in Germany. Even Franklin had wrote an excellent text in Nature and Necessity of a Paper-Currency: (3 april 1729). He had already destroyed the entire gold standard lover theory of ‘sound money’, so strong in the 19th and so dear to Hayek and Mises. The paper money was actually put in circulation before being stop by the British in the 1764 Currency act.

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