Obama is not a Wimp

Barack Obama gave the appearance of meekly appealing for bipartisanship, only to get kicked in his private parts. Yet, look how courageously he is willing to take on the liberals and his party. Along with Larry Summers and Rahm Emanuel, he can really kick butt. Locale he has taken on the teachers union by ramping up Bush’s No Child Left Behind. Watch him cut back entitlements for those people without enough initiative to run their own hedge funds.

He may down to the Israelis, but look how decisive he is in Afghanistan, willing to fight an unwinnable war. Not even Joe Lieberman can top him.

And what about his decisive actions against the fat cats? He didn’t kick them when they were down. A would not real hero to behave that way. No, he gave them billions of dollars, but now he’s decided to take them on, by creating regulations so tough that the fat cats will have to spend thousands of dollars to figure out how to circumvent them.

Barack Obama, change you can believe in.

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  1. Landon on

    Wimp, definitely not. It takes great courage (or possibly desperation) to accept money from the nuclear industry for election campaign contributions and then turn around and give them billions of dollars in return while also going against the will of the people by using failed 20th century technology that has a track record of polluting the environment. (See below.) That kind of sounds a lot like a kickback to me.

    Rahm Emanuel is also mentioned in this quote from the independent radio/tv news hour, Democracy Now! on Thursday, February 18th, 2010:

    JUAN GONZALEZ: “…I remember back during the presidential primary writing a column about the close ties between Exelon—Exelon is not just a nuclear power industry generator, it’s the largest operator of nuclear power plants in the United States. I think it has seventeen. And the firm was a major—has historically been a major backer of President Obama. And two of his chief aides have ties to Exelon. Rahm Emanuel, as an investment banker, helped put together the deal that eventually merged, created Exelon. And David Axelrod was a lobbyist for Exelon. So there are very close ties between the chairman of Exelon, John Rowe, and the Obama administration. I think even Forbes Magazine listed it, talked about those ties. So I think that the President was very equivocal on the issue of nuclear power during the campaign, but that there was no—there seemed to be—the industry believed he was going to be their salvation.”

    You can read the rest of that (or watch) it here or click on my name above if the link doesn’t work:


    This is the delima of most politicians, no matter what party they are in. They have to come up with huge amounts of funding in order to get elected. If they don’t take what amounts to corporate bribery, they likely aren’t going to get elected. The only way out of this is through publicly financed elections.

    John McCain ran a publicly financed election. I didn’t vote for him because I don’t subscribe to Republican values. However, it was quite noble of John McCain to not take corporate monies.

    It makes you wonder why Obama changed his stance on taking corporate money considering his opponent wasn’t… but now we see the fruits of that. Now, that the supreme court has blown open the damn that was holding back virtually unlimited corporate sponsorship, it makes you wonder which corporate CEO will be the presidents puppet-master next election. Will it be Big PhARMA or will it be some other industry willing to cough up millions of dollars for their own media campaigns championing their puppet that they want us to elect.

    If we want our Government back, then we MUST have publicly financed elections. If you don’t like the idea of that, just look at the other option.

    • mperelman on

      I agree with you, but the other requirement is a press that is both free and unbiased. We are also a long way from that one.

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