Brad Delong

Brad took a 3 hour drive to give a talk in Chico.  The lecture was both informative and entertaining.  He spoke for 1 1/2 hours & took questions for another 30 minutes — until we had to surrender the hall.  Then he joined a reception, which was a continuation of the question and answer session, without showing much fatigue.

Brad refused to take any money for his time or expenses.  Very unusual behavior for an economist.

Thank you & sleep well.


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  1. Brad DeLong on


  2. nyuk on

    Mr. DeLong,

    It is a pleasure and a privilege to read your columns. I have the greatest respect for your economic expertise, as well as Prof. Thoma and Prof. Krugman. Thank you for sharing so willingly.

  3. ivar on

    BDL is the nuts. One of the most honest and intellectually sound around. Has few peers.

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