“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”

In the famous words of Rahm Emanuel, the crisis is doing its work very well.  One might have expected that people would be picking up the pitchforks to demand change; instead, they have been whipped up to demand more of the same.  Can anybody here imagine what would’ve happened if lefties had tried to hold their own tea parties at Republican meetings?  People got arrested for wearing anti-Bush T-shirts.

As a result and crisis management of Rahm Emanuel, the United States continues its rapid degeneration in fine fashion. Here at home, we’re about to begin the first of our furloughs was the beginning of the semester. Presumably, we have to sign some paper agreeing not to do any work, probably to protect the state of the university from any kind of legal liability for forcing us to work without pay.  Thinking about a twist on next week’s lecture during such times would be some kind of violation of a legal contract.

Gov. Arnold is on a tear, pushing for an undermining of the state pension plan.

Hopefully, health care reform — now rebranded as insurance reform — will be dead. I assume that the major reform will be to reduce the funding of Medicare.

Obama said that the choice is between hope and fear. He should’ve used the past tense.  Either through political incompetence or some deep-seated neoconservative instincts, he has dashed any hopes — at least, the hopes of any rational person.  In many ways, we have the third Bush administration — secrecy, war, and the coddling of the rich and powerful.

In the Confiscation of American Prosperity, I wrote: “Since the election of Franklin Roosevelt in 1932, every Democratic administration with the exception of Lyndon Johnson’s has been more conservative — often far more conservative — than the previous Democratic administration. Similarly, every elected Republican administration, with the single exception of George Herbert Walker Bush’s, has been more conservative than the previous Republican administration.”  At least, Obama has made sure that I will now have to revise a second edition.

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  1. louisproyect on

    He should’ve used to pass tense.

    Michael, that voice recognition software has some kinks unless you really meant to say this!

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