Jack Welch: The Former Car Czar’s Vision

Last month, Steven Rattner told the New York Times that Jack Welch was his model for leadership in GM. I suspect that he is sincere.

“Mr. Rattner said he expects no less than the kind of wholesale restructuring that John F. Welch Jr. engineered at General Electric in the 1980s, where he decisively shed businesses, cut costs and jobs and demanded better performance.”

What is weird is that much of GE’s success came from shedding manufacturing and increasing the emphasis on finance. Not only did Neutron Jack callously pull the rug from under many people, but GE is also on the public dole.

So, here is GM attempting to become profitable by shedding jobs, breaking workers’ contracts, … Enough to make Jack Welch proud.

Maynard, Micheline. 2009. “U.S. Takes On the Insular G.M. Culture.” New York Times (11 June).


2 comments so far

  1. mark hansen on

    it seems that Rattner has been replaced by Ron Bloom formerly of the united steel workers union.
    with any luck he will have a differant view of the best personality type to bring gm out of bankruptcy.

  2. mperelman on

    I hope you are correct, but I would not bet on it. He helped the union negotiate its losses.

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