Computer Problem, Maybe Someone Can Help

I am running XP with the latest Firefox.

I cannot attach files in Gmail or Yahoo mail in Firefox on this computer. I can, using Chrome or IE & I can on my other computers where are set up similarly.
I have reinstalled Firefox & have run it in the safe mode. Then I can attach a file once then, but not a second file.

I have disabled the new way of loading files in Gmail, but that does not help. I have scanned the computer with Norton & with Spybot. They found nothing. I have no other symptom of a computer problem.

I have tried  disabling Norton antivirus, but that did not help. I have had two technicians at my university help me for hours & they are stumped.

Also, if I past a chunk of text, say a paragraph, into Gmail, it hangs rather than sending the message. I have not tried this in Yahoo.


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  1. John on

    I have quit using Firefox altogether until they create a patch for the security vunerability my Kaspersky found. It can allow malicious attacks. Not sayin thats ur problem, but maybe you should check with a Network Monitor.

  2. Phil on

    You should dump Norton anti-virus and related products and use COMODO Internet Security instead. I recently made the switch, and it is far better than most for-profit brands I have used. COMODO is free.

    Sometimes my Gmail would hang while uploaded/sending a file and sending large amounts of text. I think the problem was enabling the Gmail skins which may interfere with the workings of Gmail. Disable them and perhaps even use the plain HTML version of Gmail. See how that goes.

  3. your lucky because you can still use your firefox in safe mode. i did try it myself but firefox doesn’t work on my computer. don’t know what happened. I just don’t want to format my pc again. however i think i have no choice if i want firefox to work normally again.

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