Introducing the Obamawatch Lottery

I am offering a prize of $1 to the person who comes closest to guessing the date at which BHO first takes a courageous action that significantly challenges the ridh and powerful.  I will begin with the date 2020.


2 comments so far

  1. Krys on

    He wont challenge capitalism ever, and thus we’ll see no significant challenges to the rich and powerful. For one, he is rich and powerful, so it would be irrational for him to impede on his own privilege. However, I do think once the populist backlash reaches a point where it’s politically expedient, he will make small concessions to labor’s aims. I don’t think it will go any further, though, then finding a way to fire the management of banks receiving significant bailout money, which amounts to kicking out one set of rich and powerful to make way for another set. So it’s a wash.

    • mperelman on

      I hope that your are correct that populist anger will become effective.

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