X-Efficiency and Economic Dogma

I just added a draft — quickly composed today — of section to put in my new book.  It will go into a section showing the lengths to which economists would go to avoid dealing with work, workers, and working conditions.  This is one of the episodes where economists risked dealing with the subject.  Any comments would be very much appreciated.


Thank you very much


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  1. chris on

    This sentence is duplicated:

    “The rest of his article ignored mushrooms, retreating to a relatively
    conventional analysis of the yeast like bunching of technical change within
    particular industries. “

  2. mark hansen on

    definitely could use proof reading.
    overall excellent.

  3. readmenace on

    I just want to recommend the following book, if you haven’t already seen it, by Roger S. Frantz:

    X-Efficiency. Theory, Evidence and Applications

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