new introduction

new introduction

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  1. Jim Devine on


    this is good. Are you going to mention such folks as Steve Marglin and Harry Braverman who have toiled in these vineyards before? (Sam Bowles and David Gordon also used to emphasize the inefficiency of normal capitalist relationships with their employees.) Also, I think it would be really good to give the reader a clear and detailed outline of how your argument develops from chapter to chapter.

  2. Al Osorio on

    I enjoyed reading this and really can’t add anything helpful.It is refreshing to read a pro-union economist. Recently I read Greg Mankiw referring to intimidation by “union bosses”. Having seen these “union bosses” as a communication worker for years, I can testify they are more often than not heavy-set grandparents with arthritic knees trying to keep both us and themselves on the payroll. Johnny Friendly with a big cigar, they are not.
    Keep up the good work !
    AJF Osorio

  3. javier hernanez-miyares on

    Now that Adam Smith is smitten
    And the dearth of nations is upon us

    Those invisible hands can’t rescue us

    John Henry has the tendons


    Why do we continue to short sell?

    poem for workers by jhm for michael perelman

  4. Pito on

    I hope your book emphasises the fact that there have never been any free markets to begin with. Markets are now and have always been created and shaped by governments. In other words capitalism and markets are a political creation desiguised as working apart from and against government. Too much talk about “economics” and “free markets” plays right into the hands of the propagandists in avoiding the central issue of what markets are. Not to mention how we use the military as our chief weapon in opening foreign markets. Some free market system indeed!

  5. Charles on

    The Bearded Slave coming out of the stone is a nice image, nice touch, especially
    following the stone mason metaphor.

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