Crisis Commentary Overview

I have tried to integrate the commentaries into a coherent whole, before I go on to new ones.  Les Schaffer graciously reformatted this as a pdf.

how to think about the crisis


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  1. Les Schaffer on

    Michael: i put a PDF version of your doc at
    Let me know if the formatting is ok. can convert to HTML as well if you like.

  2. robertdfeinman on

    Now tell him exactly what you did so he can repeat it in the future.

    Thanks for putting in the effort…

  3. hi on

    is it just me who is having a problem when i click on the link to look at what michael has written?

  4. Rich on

    Nice Michael, I enjoyed that.

  5. mark hansen on

    here is an article that might be of interest to you.

    it is on the geroge mason university site “history news network”. written by a rutgers u prof. James Livington.
    it compares the 1929 depression to the one just starting.

  6. mark hansen on

    i guess your comment system won’t accept hyperlinks, or i just don’t know how to do them on your system.
    anyway the site is hnn dot us and the article is entitled “their great deression and ours part 1”. his name is spelled Livingston.

  7. mperelman on

    James Livingston has written 2 excellent books that I have enjoyed — one on the fed and on one pragmatism and political economy.

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