Crisis Commentary: Second Installment

I just posted the second installment on my crisis commentary. Again, I would appreciate any comments, since it still needs more work.




5 comments so far

  1. Aaron Aarons on

    If this is the second installment, which of your posts here is the first?

  2. des on

    hey, do you have any opinion on the plan to raise the FDIC insurance level on deposits? I thought the level was already high enough. Are there alternative motives?

  3. mperelman on

    The FDIC addition is a minor matter.

  4. Mark Hansen on

    you might find it ineresting to read Rep. Peter Defazio’s take on the bail out and his proposal.
    available on his web site.

    if you scroll down a bit on the home page it can take you to his latest press release dated oct 2.

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