A Brief History of Privatization: Fannie Mae and Ginny Mae as Exemplars?

I am writing this to provoke a conversation rather than as a demonstration of my expertise.  Here was one of the first New Deal agencies go under.  What was the interest in privatizing Fannie Mae during the Johnson administration?  Was it the Democrats close ties with the savings and loan industry?

Because these two agencies had apparent (but nonexistent) government guarantees, they apparently had an advantage over banking interests.  For a long time, well before anyone fretted about housing crises, there was a great deal of antagonism toward these agencies.  During that period, I was wondering what the elimination of these two agencies would mean for housing.  Now that they are in trouble, the government stands ready to rescue the investors — another instance of the Bear Stearns syndrome.  But barely anything to help the poor souls who were victimized.

On a personal note, my daughter was wanting to buy a home about a couple years ago.  Her friends sent her to stay broker to explain how she could fudge her nonexistent income and get a home.  She was told she could create a good credit score, even as she had no credit.

Okay, here is my central question:  has there ever been a privatization that has worked to the benefit of society?


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