Online Interview Regarding The Confiscation of American Prosperity

Jon Bailes and Cihan Aksan of the online publication, state of nature, conducted an online interview with me regarding my book, The Confiscation of American Prosperity, which just appeared.

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  1. Anarcho on

    “I do not know of any major capitalist who has been a consistent libertarian”

    That is probably because, as Noam Chomsky points out, the consistent libertarian would be anti-capitalist — he/she would oppose workplace hierarchies (such as those associated with wage labour) just as much as other ones (such as the state, patriarchy, racism and so on).

    I’m always depressed when people who should know better let the right-wing appropriation of the term “libertarian” go unopposed. Since the 1850s, anarchists (anti-state socialists) have used the term “libertarian” as an alternative to “anarchist” –, i.e., short hand for “libertarian socialist/communist”.

    The right have used the term “libertarian” to describe a system of unrestricted free market capitalism (and the social hierarchies that go with it) only since the 1970s. Sadly, the bogus use of the term has become, at least in America, the accepted term.

    You cannot let the term “liberty” be associated with capitalism, particularly given its basis in workplace despotism (to use Proudhon’s phrase).

  2. mperelman on

    Good point!

  3. media on

    the last paragraph by ‘anarcho’ would be disputed by libertarians and anarcho-capitalists. they would argue that any ‘workplace despotism’ would not exist in an ideal libertarian or anarcho-capitalist world. any despots would be told to take this m-f-ing job and shove it up your m-fing a-s you l=zy bi-chilary.

    now, this be an assumption regarding ‘human nature’, nature (or science), and also a definitional issue of ‘captalism’. According to ‘Wikipedia’ the definition ‘anarcho’ IS only one of several (as for example, I have brilliantly discovered there are several definitions of anarchism (eg primitivism, blah blah blah…)

    i also am associated with famous people, and i think possibly my good friends from back in the day, herbert spencer and andrew carnegie, may have been consistant libertarian capitalists, within their own defintions. there was no despotism, unless it was inherited, so they did what they wanted while alive (lie, cheat, kill, and steal, just like everyone (including anarchists)) but then ‘gave it back’ so the next libertarian capitalists would be free to choose to do the exact same thing in their time. the only differences from others (say christians, or anarchists) is the particular time and space frame where ‘despotism’ and ‘freedom’ are supposed to exist.

    in sum, might as well just throw all that sh-t in the trash. cheers.

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