Humorous, but Insightful Take on the Economy

I usually do not appreciate when people send me a video clips. This one was an exception. It takes about 10 seconds before the humor becomes apparent. Please do not get impatient if you watch it, because, besides being humorous it is an interesting commentary on the economy.

I could not upload the clip here, but you can find it at this address


2 comments so far

  1. mark hansen on

    having been on the sidewalk side at more than one “slave market”, i can attest that such activity is not unusual.
    it would be great to see the shoe on the other foot.

  2. Kevin on

    Why would they say CPA at the start? HA, I think the current state of the economy is one of the most exciting times I have ever lived in. How many of those executives were from Bear Stearns? I know at least one.

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