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A Sociological Analysis of the Rogue Trader

The Wall Street Journal has a very perceptive article about the class nature of Jerome Kerviel, a striving person from a modest background, who was trying to compete with and win approval from his more fortunate colleagues.  Kerviel’s story is obviously self-serving, but much of it rings true — especially his ill-fated efforts to be accepted. Continue reading

The Super Bowl and Intellectual Property vs God

The NFL has a rule to limit TV screens to 55 inches at public viewings.  The league makes an exception for venues like bars and restaurants that regularly broadcast sporting events.  But churches that dare to let their parishioners watch the mayhem on the big screen are coming under fire.  Presumably, the league is not protecting intellectual property, but want parishioners to go to bars instead of churches on Sunday.

Alter, Alexandra. 2008. “God vs. Gridiron: As Church Super Bowl Parties Are Busted by NFL.” Wall Street Journal (2 February): p. W 1.