A Subprime Primer

Here is a nice power point explanation of the subprime crisis.


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  1. m on


  2. […] powerpoint explanation of the sub-prime […]

  3. Johnny Ozelius on

    I think that pretty much sums it up.
    Even the graphics are about right.

  4. […] Economics, The Invention of Capitalism, The Perverse Economy. He maintains his own blog, and here he gives a Powerpoint presentation¬†explaining the mechanics of subprime. Even I learnt a thing or […]

  5. Eric Harrington on

    I think the lcearest explanation of the REAL CAUSE of the mortgage crisis can been found here:

    Eric Harrington – The Private Sector Caused the Crash!

    It was not just sub prime mortgages that caused this problem.. It was a greedy coalition of Mortgage banks, investment banks, and rating agencies.

  6. Ava on

    Interesting Read

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