Bloomberg Interviews Michael Perelman

Tom Keene of Bloomberg Radio interviewed me for an hour on Monday.  You can download it here:

Tom is an excellent interviewer, who regularly interviews economists and financial experts.

Their interviews are available at


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  1. Paul Owen on

    You briefly touched upon trade agreements in the interview. Mentioning how they would be extremely short if they were not really about changing the rules of the game.

    I wonder – If you wrote one, what would it say?

  2. mperelman on

    If I believed in free trade, it would just say no tariffs or quotas. If I were concerned about the effects here, I would have money to help displaced people adjust, but it would not be written in the trade deal.

    If I were concerned about the environment or labor conditions, I would say that our commitment to the deal would be contingent on the enforcement of labor or environmental laws, but those laws would have to be in place before the trade deal.

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