Military Contractors for Peace

Adam Smith argued that greed generates positive outcomes.  According the New York Times, contractors’ greed undermined the military’s effort to militarize space.

“President Ronald Reagan issued a call on March 23, 1983, to make enemy missiles “impotent and obsolete.” His research effort, scorned by critics as “Star Wars,” after the movie, cost taxpayers more than $100 billion.  John D. G. Rather, a laser expert who was an official at a military contractor during that era, said corporate greed undermined the effort from the start. “It became a tug of war,” he recalled, “where everybody and their brother wanted a piece of the action”.”

Broad, William J. 2007. “From the Start, the Space Race Was an Arms Race.” New York Times (25 September): p. D 1.


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  1. Matthew on

    You know what strikes me as being ironic? John Rather said that it was corporate greed that undermined the “Star Wars” project and yet it was these very corporations who were supposed to be the economic heroes for American prosperity in “Supply-Side Economics”, if I know my history right. And yet we never had this fantastic military feat. We also didn’t have the predicted surplus that Reagan promised. I find it amazing that many conservatives want another Reagan for president. One was bad enough- no thanks!


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